Balcony Balustrade and Staircase, Ancaster Kart Centre

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This canopy and staircase was fabricated and erected in Ancaster in 2007. The railings inside were of brushed stainless steel and the stairs themselves were checker plate for wear and finish quality.

"We were very impressed with the work done by Michael Scott, Micari engineering Solutions Ltd, to say our job had its complications is an understatement! There were quite a few alterations required, which differed greatly from the original plans that Michael was given, but like in any "build" things often change, and our's did on more than one occasion, but Michael's team just got on with it, where as most companies would come up with a dozen excuses as to why and how it could not be done"

We will be using Micari Engineering in the future!

Many Thanks
Richard Johnson
Ancaster Leisure Enterprises

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