Cold Store frost heave problems?

Have you got:-

  • Cracked floors?
  • Lifting floors?
  • Leaning racking?
  • Inoperable mobile racking?

If you have answered yes to any of the above we can help restore your liquid under floor heating system to full operation without digging your floor up or shutting it down. In short we repair your system whilst you keep using your store. Even if you have:- leaking, blocked or frozen pipes we can repair whilst you operate.

We have successfully repaired 10's of 1000's of metres of under floor heating systems some with floors heaved in excess of 150mm which have settled back to level allowing racking to level up and mobile racks to run again.

We have carried out years of onsite research and development to overcome frost heave issues including the development of Micari Kryoguard pipe specifically for this task.

If you have frost heave problems and are considering digging your floor up or shutting your store completely give us a call for a free on site consultation.

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